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Trekking to the Mayan lost city of EL MIRADOR

Trekking to the Mayan lost city of El Mirador (Finding the largest pyramid in the world; La Danta):

Travel dates:

Scheduled fix departures every day in December 2,022 and January 2,023



11 days - 10 nights


Expedition type & rating:

-Travel vacation package.

-Culture, adventure, community, nature, and spirituality.

-Moderate level.


Group Size:

08 - 13 explorers


Airport: Guatemala City (GUA)

-Arrival & departure. 


Price per explorer:

$.2,200.00 (including the festival ticket)


Contact information:


Your truly epic transformative expedition to the deepest part of the heart of the Mayan biosphere reserve. Where is hidden inside the jungle, one of humanity's best secrets, and you are about to know why. 

The enigmatic lost city of El Mirador is one of the most energetic, powerful & magical places on planet earth. It's the cradle and most important city of the great Maya civilization, actually its ancient headquarters. The site where it was created was the first political state of all the Americas, the first superhighway of the world, and the impressive Temple of La Data; considered the biggest pyramid in Earth’s volume (more giant than Giza, Egypt). 

Plus, your visit to the majestic sacred site of Tikal (World Heritage site), Antigua's (World Heritage site) beautiful colonial city and the magical Lake Atitlan with its volcanoes and Cosmic Convergence Festival.  

Specially designed for natural explorers on a life quest with a high sense of adventure, deep connection with mother nature, and the magical, peaceful, and healing experience of visiting the Mayan ancient energetic sites. 
Trust us; it will leave you with stories to share for ten lifetimes ...

DAY 01:
Welcome to Guatemala (Heart of the Mayan world), transfer to Antigua.

Welcome by your team at the Aurora International Airport (GUA) and private transportation (at any time) to the beautiful and colonial City in ruins of La Antigua Guatemala (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), a magical town full of charm and probably the most visited one in the country. 

Free time to explore (try to arrive before noon to enjoy the sunset in Antigua with tea, coffee, or drinks), begin to connect with some other festival goers, and by the way, try to rest and prepare yourself for your upcoming transformative journey. 

Meals: None.
Lodging: Boutique hotel Antigua.
Activities: Welcome transfer and sightseeing. 
DAY 02:
I am getting lost in the World Heritage city of Antigua (and I love it).
Breakfast and time for you to get lost in the World Heritage city of Antigua because the rest of the day it's entirely yours. 
So take your time and get out there, walk its famous cobblestone streets, central plaza, cathedral, history and art museums,  jade stores (the sacred stone of the Mayans), fantastic handicraft markets, and much more. 
Visit a local cafe and try probably one of the best coffees you have ever tried, take photos of its unique stores, and don't miss the Calle del Arco (Arch street) and El Mirador El Cerro de la Cruz (with a fantastic panoramic view of the city).

And during the afternoon, your transportation to Guatemala City for your night luxury fully equipped and comfortable Pullman bus. You close your eyes in Guatemala City and open them in the Mayan lowlands of Peten (home of the most iconic sacred sites) on the following day, as simple as that.

Meals: Dinner.

Lodging: Overnight luxury Pullman bus (with all amenities).

Activities: Leisure time in Antigua.


Day 3

The Mayan lowlands of El Peten and the picturesque Isla de Flores at Lake Peten Itza (or the soothsayer priest of the water).

Early arrival to the small and charming Isla de Flores, located in the middle of Peten Itza lake, for your typical local breakfast and time to explore your beautiful surroundings.

In addition, your introductions to the Mayan world by learning more about the history of the ancient Mayans who inhabited these areas, the Itzaes, and their different Mayan dynasties.


Meals: None.

Lodging: Boutique hotel Isla de Flores

Activities: Leisure time in Isla de Flores.


Day 4


The beginning of your trek to the lost Mayan city of El Mirador and El Tintal sacred site.

Typical morning breakfast followed by your guided ride through the jungle Mayan communities until Carmelita shire and the beginning of our uplifting expedition to connect with the mighty jungle, its mysticism, and magic.

So it’s about time to decipher the greatest mysteries and enigmas of this impressive civilization as you walk through its dense jungle paths, with plenty of breathtaking views and photo hotspots.

Trek until El Tintal, an archeological site with a Mayan football courtyard, acropolis, and the Henequen pyramid (47 meters or 155 feet). 

Jungle dinner and lodging under the stars at El Tintal campsite.

Meals: All.

Lodging: Camping (on a private tent for one person or shared for more).

Activities: Trekking, wildlife photography, stargazing, and legends about the Maya civilization and El Mirador.


Day 05

Trekking from El Tintal to the heart of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve.


Early jungle breakfast and the continuation of your journey with snacks and lunch in the middle of the jungle. 

The visit of the archeological site of La Muerta (one of the most unusual sites because of having two subterranean labyrinths) until the lost city of El Mirador. 

Appreciating the indescribable sunset of the Mayan biosphere reserve at the top of El Tigre pyramid. 

Jungle dinner and camping under the stars at El Mirador campsite.

Meals: All.

Lodging: Camping (on a private tent for one person or shared for more).

Activities: Trekking, wildlife photography, stargazing, and legends about the Maya civilization and El Mirador.